Alternative Urban Fashion

OFFRANDES is a couple of friends drawn together by art and music. Born into families of artists, any creative outlet has always been our passion and our life. The inspiration for our designs is fuelled by underground/festival cultures, music, art, travel and nature.  

As world travellers and seasoned festival goers, we started making Leather Utility Belts for ourselves out of the necessity to have our most crucial personal items safe and close at all times. We began to have so many compliments on our creations that we started making leather utility belts for others.

The clothing in our shop are original designs by Offrandes. Our production is based in Bali and everything is designed & made with LOVE. We have been developing a FAIR TRADE, sustainable, ecological, moral and durable commerce with small family businesses since over 14 years. Our clothing collection is made entirely from natural fabrics (organic wherever possible) – cotton, modal, tinsel, rayon and bamboo. Organically grown & consciously sewn! Every collection, we strive to improve our footprint ecologically.

With our unique collection, you are now ready to go travel in some exotic location, ride around the city or dance all night long !!! We have a passion for functionality in our designs while maintaining aesthetically pleasing forms.

When we wear clothing made with love, we feel beautiful and radiant. There is nothing that brings us greater satisfaction in our work then seeing our clients feeling and looking amazing in our creations. That is our reward …

Handcrafted with L.O.V.E. and P.A.S.S.I.O.N. :)

[ Handcrafted in the Island of the Gods _ by Offrandes ]